With the not so hard winter months, insects will be out in full force this year!  I’ve already seen mosquitoes out in mid March!  In this month’s Ask Adam article, I’d like to talk on using insecticides as a preventative, which will keep you much happier and bite free.

Consider spraying your trees and shrubs several times this year, preferably 3 times.  If you apply insecticide similar to a liquid Seven, you will not only help prevent insects such as Japanese beetles and others from taking over your roses and ornamental trees but have a better chance of saving the plants foliage from being stripped away as well.

Also, consider applying an invisible barrier such as a liquid Seven around your house foundation and window wells.  This will help prevent those creepy crawlers from entering in and finding their way into your home.  Remember, all pesticides have a residual lifespan so applying this regularly will deter pests away and keep your home bug free.

Lastly, don’t forget about your lawn.  By having it sprayed a few times a year, this will cut down on mosquitoes, ticks, and grubs and will keep your children and furry friends happier and bite free!

Want to try a chemical free ant preventer?  Take a kids crayola concrete play chalk and draw a line around your windows and doors outside your home.  Ants will not cross a chalk line.