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A yard in Waterloo, IL that requires yard cleanup services.

Yard Cleanups

Columbia, Waterloo, Millstadt, IL & Nearby Areas

Our spring and fall yard cleanups remove debris such as leaves and sticks that have built up during the previous seasons.

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Seasonal yard cleanups are offered for properties in Columbia, Millstadt, and surrounding Illinois communities.

We ensure your lawn and landscape are prepared for the upcoming season by pruning and trimming bushes, removing debris, and more.

Our crew cleaning up a yard in Columbia, IL.

Throughout the year, your landscaping and your lawn will require extra cleanup services. Tree limbs will fall, leaves will accumulate, and landscape shrubs need to be trimmed. We offer all of these services, as well as pruning when needed, during our spring and fall cleanups.

These seasonal cleanups and one-time yard cleanups are available to residential and commercial properties in Illinois communities such as Columbia, Waterloo, Millstadt, and surrounding areas.

Spring cleanups begin in late February and are performed through the beginning of April.

Once winter subsides, it's the ideal time to perform a spring cleanup for your lawn. During winter, leaves, branches, and other debris pile up on your grass and in your landscape beds. We clear this debris so your shrubs, bushes, trees, and grass are able to access nutrients such as air, water, and light—all key elements in the process of photosynthesis.

We also cut down any ornamental grasses and prune or trim landscape plants to curb overgrowth and remove any dead or diseased branches that could be a drain on the overall health of your plants.

We're typically booked four weeks out, so make sure to schedule your yard cleanup in advance!

Our fall yard cleanup services include hauling away yard debris and leaf removal.

When the leaves begin to change color and fall off the trees, it means it's time to set up your fall yard cleanup. We will haul off any accumulated yard debris that may have fallen during the spring or summer and then our leaf removal crews will clear your lawn and landscape of fallen leaves. For leaf removal, customers can choose from three options:

  • We can mulch your leaves so they will decompose faster
  • We can blow leaves to the curb for the city to pick them up
  • We can pick them up and haul the leaves away

It's vital to the health of your lawn to make sure fallen leaves are cleared off as much as possible before the snow starts to fall, as this can create prime conditions for lawn diseases like snow mold to form.

One-time yard cleanups are perfect for distressed or overgrown properties.

A distressed property in %%targetarea%%, IL in need of a cleanup.

We also provide one-time yard cleanups for properties that may need extra care, such as foreclosed homes or neglected commercial properties that have become overgrown and distressed.

One-time cleanups include the same services offered in spring and fall, such as debris removal, plant trimming and pruning, and more.

Need a seasonal or one-time yard cleanup in Columbia, Waterloo, or nearby areas?

At Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, we provide both one-time and seasonal yard cleanup services throughout Millstadt, Columbia, Waterloo, and nearby areas of Illinois.

If you're in need of cleanups for your property, please give us a call today at (618) 939-4769 to be added to our schedule!

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