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This Columbia, IL yard has been fertilized and received weed control treatments.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Columbia, Waterloo, Millstadt, IL & Nearby Areas

Give your lawn the nutrients and tools it needs to fight off weeds with our fertilization and weed control treatments.

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Fertilization and weed control applications for homes and businesses in Columbia and nearby Illinois cities.

Giving your lawn the nutrients it requires to reach optimal health is easy with our routinely scheduled fertilization and weed control treatments.

Our client's yard in Waterloo, IL is so soft and healthy.

With a routine fertilization and weed control schedule, you can have peace of mind knowing that your lawn is getting everything it needs to reach levels of optimal health. Our fertilization and weed control schedule was designed to make sure your yard stays healthy all year long.

We provide fertilization and weed control applications for residential and commercial properties throughout Columbia, Waterloo, Millstadt, and other Illinois cities.

Our Seven-Step Program Fertilizes, Treats Weeds, & Controls Lawn Insects

Our program is completed in seven steps and supplies your lawn with everything it needs to be healthy all year. Each step was formulated with local lawns in mind. The steps include:

  • Step 1: Crabgrass prevention applied with slow-release fertilizer helps to control Spring crabgrass and feeds your lawn. We will spray for any early emerging weeds.
  • Step 2: An application of broadleaf weed control to kill off problem weeds such as dandelions, chickweed, clover, and other broadleaf weeds. Also, a second liquid crabgrass prevention is applied.
  • Step 3: Insect control helps to control grubs, aphids, stink bugs and other pests. This is applied in conjunction with step 4.
  • Step 4: A slow-release fertilizer treatment is applied, plus we'll spot spray any broadleaf weeds.
  • Step 5: An application of broadleaf weed killer is applied to control any late season emerging broadleaf weeds.
  • Step 6: A late Summer slow-release fertilizer treatment is applied plus we'll spot spray for additional broadleaf weeds.
  • Step 7: A Winterizer fertilization treatment helps get your lawn ready for Spring green-up, while we again spot spray any additional weeds.

*Additional weed control applications may be needed and can be paid for as additional steps. The determining factor on needing additional weed control applications is directly dependent on the weather and how each client personally takes care of their lawn. Please note that Nutsedge will be sprayed while visiting your property. Nutsedge is NOT a broadleaf weed and grows in stages. To help control Nutsedge, additional visits can be requested at an additional cost.

Everyone has their own level of expectations and we want nothing more than to exceed them. A well-irrigated lawn, annual aeration, and annual overseeding all contribute to the quality of your lawn and how it will ultimately look.

We can also apply Lawn Disease Preventative Fungicides & Insect control. We can also apply granular fertilizer around your landscape plants, shrubs, and trees. Please, let us know. We are here to serve you!

Common Lawn Diseases & Insects We Treat for Include Brown Patch, Grubs, & More

This lawn in Waterloo, IL has recently been treated with fertilizer and fungicide treatments.

In addition to our fertilization and weed control services, we also treat common lawn diseases such as brown patch, rust, mushrooms, and more. We recommend a preventative fungicide application to make sure these diseases are presented with a hostile environment.

Our preventative insect control is included in our fertilization and weed control program and works to prevent insects such as white grubs, armyworms, sod webworms, and more. These pests can quickly destroy a lawn as they eat the roots and kill off the grass blades. We can also spray your plants, shrubs, and trees for insects.

Let us help you care for your lawn!

If your home or business needs lawn care, then contact us today at (618) 939-4769 to set up an estimate on our seven-step fertilization and weed control program. We provide services to residential and commercial properties throughout the areas of Columbia, Waterloo, Millstadt, and nearby Illinois communities.

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