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Custom landscaping project done for a home in Waterloo, IL.

Comprehensive Landscape Services in Waterloo, IL

We perform landscaping, lawn fertilization, weed control, and install outdoor living spaces to improve your property value.

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Landscaping, lawn care, and outdoor living space installation services in Waterloo, IL.

Our team boosts your curb appeal by installing outdoor living spaces, maintaining your lawn, and performing a variety of landscaping services.

As the largest city in Illinois's Monroe County, Waterloo is home to over 10,000 residents. Waterloo, IL has a rich history and is located just 10 miles from I-255.

As a growing area, there is a demand to keep residential properties presentable and well-maintained. Our professional landscapers serve Waterloo, IL with expert landscaping, lawn maintenance, and outdoor living space installation services. Our team works to boost your curb appeal with our variety of effective landscaping services.

Our landscaping and lawn maintenance services include aeration, fertilization, and more.

A fertilized and mowed lawn in Waterloo, IL.

Check out the landscaping and lawn maintenance services we perform to keep your yard in good condition:

  • General lawn maintenance: We perform trimming, pruning, leaf removal, yard cleanups, and mulch & rock installation to maintain your yard.
  • Aeration and seeding: These services are performed together to loosen up your soil and allow for better plant growth.
  • Weed control and fertilization: We fight off weeds with effective manual and chemical treatments and provide routine fertilization treatments.
  • Mosquito control: We implement mosquito treatments every 6 weeks from May to October to keep them off of your property.
  • Snow removal and deicing: In the winter season, our snow removal experts are available to residential and commercial clients. We visit your property whenever there is one inch of snow and clear it away using advanced equipment including skid steers, snowblowers, and plows.

Enhance your property's exterior with our outdoor living space installation services.

We offer a variety of outdoor living space installation services to beautify your property. Enhance your outdoor area with the following services:

  • Landscape installs and renovations: We install native plants and implement custom touches to your existing landscape.
  • Fire pit installation: We use stone blocks to create a rectangular, square, or circular fire pit in your backyard. If requested, we can customize your fire pit with an added cooking grate.
  • Outdoor lighting installation: If you want to create the ideal gathering space in Waterloo, IL, our outdoor lighting installation services can help. We can install uplighting, spotlighting, downlighting, and path lighting to brighten up your outdoor living space.
  • Walkways and patios: A decorative walkway and patio can enhance your home's value and create a safe space for residents and visitors to explore your property.
  • Retaining walls: Retaining walls make great decorative pieces for your landscape. A retaining wall can also prevent erosion and other water-retention issues that your yard may experience without one in place.

We can also prep your home for the holidays with our professional holiday light installation services.

Are you in need of comprehensive landscaping services in Waterloo, IL? Contact us today.

Here at Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, we proudly serve the residents of Waterloo, IL. Contact us today at (618) 939-4769 for comprehensive landscaping services. We maintain the health and beauty of your property's exterior space.

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