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This custom paver patio in Waterloo, IL extends the homeowner's outdoor living space.

Patios & Walkways Columbia, Waterloo, Millstadt, IL & Nearby Areas

Add to your outdoor living space with our custom patio and walkway designs and installations that complement your property.

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Custom patio and walkway installations for Columbia homes and businesses, as well as surrounding Illinois cities.

Add value to your property with a custom paver patio or walkway that blends in with the exterior of your home or business.

Custom patio and seating wall in Waterloo, IL.

At Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, we design and install custom patios made from pavers, brick, flagstone and more in order to help expand your outdoor living space. Custom patios complement your existing structure and blend in well with your landscaping.

Our custom patio and walkway services are available for residential and commercial customers in Columbia, Waterloo, Millstadt, and other nearby Illinois areas.

Custom Patios & Walkways Increase Curb Appeal, Add Safety, & Add to Your Property Value

Adding a patio can increase the curb appeal of your home or business. Patios also have an excellent return on investment, with experts pinpointing a patio’s ROI at around 80%, according to Super Money.

Custom walkways can help create safe ways to get around your property, especially at night. They can also be an extension of your space, perhaps leading to another patio or gazebo in your yard.

Materials We Use to Construct Custom Patios & Walkways

For patios and walkways, we use attractive and durable materials that can hold up under heavy foot traffic but still look beautiful and blend in with your existing architecture. It’s important to have a firm understanding of your budget, as some materials may be more expensive than others. It’s also good to know how big you want your patio to be, as well as what shape you want.

Brick pavers are a great choice for custom patios. They come in many different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles for the ultimate customization. Our professional crew can use these to create a custom patio or walkway that is unique to your property.

Another great option for patios or walkways is flagstone. This gives your hardscapes a natural look and complements your existing landscaping. Flagstone can be more expensive than brick pavers due to its irregular shape but the end result is a gorgeous, natural-looking patio.

Many options exist for your custom patio and walkways—discuss your budget with us before proceeding so we can get you the best option for your money.

Adding Stone Steps to Sloped Areas Is a Safe, Beautiful Way to Accent Them

Custom stone steps created for a residential property in Millstadt, IL.

Many of us have sloped areas in our yard and a safe way to navigate those areas is by adding in beautiful, natural stone steps. We construct steps from wall blocks or can use big Siloam stone steps, which are suitcase-sized stones.

Are you looking to add a custom patio, walkway, or stone steps to your property?

At Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, we have more than 20 years’ experience working with hardscapes in this area. We know exactly what materials will work best where and how to efficiently install them so that you can begin enjoying your new outdoor living space as soon as possible. Give us a call today at (618) 939-4769 to discuss what you’d like to see in your yard so we can begin making a plan!

Our custom patio, walkway, and step services are available for homes and businesses in Columbia, Waterloo, Millstadt, and nearby Illinois areas.

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