June or early July is the time of year to apply grub control to your lawn. Grub worms look like tiny, white shrimp that lay under your turf approximately 1-4” below the ground. They feed on the root system of your lawns turf as their food. A good identifier that you might have grubs is dead looking brown patches in your lawn. You might even have a mole problem. If you can peel back the turf, almost like carpet, you will probably be able to see these critters and identify them as white grubs.

The key to successfully keeping your lawn free from these pests is by applying a grub worm control or preventative. Applying this in June or early July is the best time of year, weather pending. Also make sure to always water in the chemical if indicating to do so.

If the white grub damage has already occurred, treat the lawn with a grub worm killer. Read the instructions on the products label and determine if you can reseed or install fresh sod right away or if there is a waiting period. If there is a waiting period, you might want to consider waiting until early fall to repair any damaged turf.