Spring is finally here and with temperatures bouncing back and forth between the freezing point and 80 degree days, there are several things you can do to get a jump start on your garden and lawn. Now is the time to remove any sticks, leaves, and other debris from you property. Take a general walk around of your yard and scout for any problems that may exist. Also make note of any dead growth on your shrubs or trees. Getting this dead growth or winter damage cut back at the proper area is crucial to a healthy plant.

NOW is the time to do Spring seeding or apply a pre-emergent herbicide to control crabgrass in your lawn. Remember, you CAN NOT do both at the same time! If you apply a crabgrass preventer, seeding is not recommended for another 8-12 weeks after. This is why most lawn care professionals recommend seeding in the Fall. The old timers recommend Fall seeding around Labor Day weekend. Also, apply a good quality lawn fertilizer now. Apply a slow release lawn food to your turf and watch it green up quickly and look healthy for months to come.

For your garden, now is the time to get out the tiller and turn over the compacted winter soil. Apply a simple 12-12-12 fertilizer or organic slow release garden food such as Milorginate. Turn the soil over again to mix in the fertilizer with the ground. Keep the garden weed free all season long and this will help with the much needed moisture in the ground that your vegetables will need in the Summer months.