A common misconception is that grass seed needs to be planted in the Spring or Fall. While this is probably the most ideal time, Winter seeding your lawn is also a great way to help thicken it up for the next growing season.

In late December, January or early February, go out and remove any fallen leaves and twigs from the areas to be reseeded. Apply grass seed to your lawn or any bare spots at a rate of 4-5lbs per 1000 sq. ft. and go back inside and watch TV! Freezing and thawing occurs naturally in our region, causing the seed to have a natural seed bed in the ground. Fescue grass seed will germinate in Spring when the soil warms to the proper germination temperature, hence growing new seedlings and ultimately thickening up your lawn!

What about the freezing temperatures and snow? Well, believe it or not, a snow cover will actually insulate the seed in the ground and also water it into the ground when it melts!