It's no secret that a well-maintained lawn and landscape takes a lot of time, money, and hard work. However, when you hire a landscaping company, you get to step away from the hard work and leave it to the professionals. PLUS, there are key benefits to hiring a professional landscaper for your home (or business).

Benefits of Professional Landscape Maintenance

Studies have shown that landscaping maintenance is a wise investment that can help increase the value of your property. Here are some key benefits to help you decide if hiring a professional is right for you and your property.

Expert Care

Lawn care and landscaping requires expert knowledge about different growth patterns, plant varieties, types of grass, and soil composition. It also requires an understanding of the right equipment and products to use, plus knowing when to prune and fertilize. A full-services landscaping company will have an education in landscape architecture and horticulture, making them well-versed in proper care and maintenance for your lawn and landscape. By allowing a team of professionals to maintain your property, you can be assures that your plants and flowers will stay healthy, regardless of the season.

Avoid Risk to Injuries

The truth of the matter is that landscaping can be back-breaking work. If you are unaccustomed to this type of work, then you may be at risk of injury. Landscape pros have been trained on how to operate the equipment needed for the job in a safe and efficient manner. Meaning you can avoid pulled muscles, sunburns, a strained back, and all other dangers when you hire a professional to care for your outdoor spaces.

Consistent Maintenance

When landscaping is not tended to properly and regularly, it can become overgrown rather quickly. Shrubs start to get out of hand and invade a plant's living space and weeds start breeding and spreading throughout your landscaping. By using a landscape professional, you are ensuring that your landscape is on a routine maintenance schedule. Keeping your curb appeal (and property value) at it's very best.

Saves Time and Money

Tending to your own lawn and landscape can be extremely time-consuming and costly. When you don't have the right equipment and aren't sure which product(s) should be used (or when to use them), you are spending more time and money on maintenance than you would by hiring a trained professional. Your time and money are valuable. Put them to work for you by hiring a landscape pro that has the knowledge and tools for the job.

One-Stop Shop

A professional landscaping company handles more than just lawn care. They have comprehensive packages that can be customized to fit your specific lawn care and landscaping needs. Packages can include shrub trimming and tree care, pest control, weeding, mulch installation, and landscape upgrades. A full-service lawn care and landscape company will have the ability to maintain your property throughout the year, even in the winter (aka. snow removal).


Lawn care and landscaping isn't just a time consuming, costly task that every homeowner faces, it is necessary to ensure your property's curb appeal and value. For those reasons, it makes a lot of sense to hire a pro. Let Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping be that pro for you. Contact us today for a customize quote for your properties needs.