Warmer weather and more daylight hours are finally here, but is your yard ready for you to enjoy? We use the term "spring cleaning" for inside our home but what about our yards, are we giving them the cleaning they deserver? This year, why not add “yard clean-up” to your cleaning regimen? By having a solid clean-up plan for your yard, you are setting it up for success throughout the year.

When to Consider a Yard Clean-up

Typically, the best time to start is in March/early spring. This is because the grass and other plants haven’t started growing in earnest, and the pests are not out in full swing just yet. Starting in early Spring also gives you the ability to protect and nourish your yard before problems arise. But hey, if you have to wait until later in the year, that's fine too just make sure you take the time to clean-up your yard annually so your yard can reap the benefits. Here's the five benefits that come with having a professional yard clean-up performed.

No More Debris



Winter can wreak havoc on your yard. When ice and snow cling to trees and shrubs, they tend to lose branches. Plus, they can also foster mold that you likely won’t notice until everything thaws out (aka. Spring). By removing fallen branches, twigs, and dead leaves leftover from fall, you are reducing your chances for these conditions to create micro-environments where diseases like mold, mildew, and fungi thrive. You are also reducing the chances for pests to be lingering around in dank, dark places. Once your lawn is clear of debris, you'll start to see the natural grass cycle process begin. Blades of grass will die off, fall back into the soil and provide nutrients to your lawn. Meaning your yard is on the right track to a healthy season.

Your Yard is Safe to Enjoy

As we mentioned, when trees have been through a harsh winter, they tend to loose branches. These dead or dying branches pose a huge safety risk. When branches fall, they can not only damage homes, but vehicles and people.
The best way to prevent this, is by having a professional trim and prune your trees and shrubs annually. This way you keep your trees healthy, shapely and eliminates future issues.

Weeds Be Gone



At the start of every season, a pre-emergent herbicide should be applied to safely and effectively eliminate weeds. This way, you are stopping them before they have a chance to sprout. This is something you apply to the whole yard. The goal here is to remove weeds all while leaving your other plants and grass unharmed. Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscape, has a 7-step process for this, if you'd like to learn more. Our process also helps with post-emergent weeds for weeds that crop up later in the season.

A Vibrant Healthy Lawn

Another way you can make sure your yard is setup for success each season, is through aeration and overseeding. These two common lawn services go hand-in-hand, and for a good reason. Aeration opens up the soil so that water, air, nutrients, and sunlight can find their way to grassroots, while overseeding effectively fills in thinning or bare patches of grass to promote healthy lawn growth. By aerating and overseeding at the same time, the tiny holes created by aeration allow the seeds to more easily take root in your soil. Making sure that your yard is vibrant and healthy all year long.

Long-term Success

As the heat of summer arrives, your yard will stand a better chance if you’ve taken proper care of it in Spring. Taking good care of your yard now increases the likelihood of it thriving throughout the rest of the year. Yard clean-ups are essential to it's survival. By removing debris, ridding it of weeds and removing dead tree limbs and/or shrub branches, you are creating a safe environment for you and your family to enjoy all year long.

Schedule Your Yard Clean-Up

At Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, we provide both one-time and seasonal yard clean-up services. Our services include clearing of debris so your shrubs, bushes, trees, and grass are able to access nutrients such as air, water, and light. We also cut down any ornamental grasses and prune or trim landscape plants to curb overgrowth and remove any dead or diseased branches that could be a drain on the overall health of your plants. If you're in need of a clean-up for your property, please give us a call today at (618) 939-4769 to be added to our schedule!