Overview/Main Challenge

Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. is a company that specializes in lawn care, landscaping, design, and installation. Our team has the expertise to carry out any outdoor project that our clients request. We can add value and appeal to your yard while working with your budget to keep the project cost-effective for you. 

In this case study, the clients (Virginia and Mark S.) wanted to be able to utilize the space in their backyard. They wanted to level out the lawn, turning the outdated, small outdoor area into a modern, welcoming space to entertain and host guests. 

Our team at Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. was able to complete this project successfully due to our expertise in landscaping, our productivity, our budget-friendly options, and our willingness to work with our client each step of the way. We promise to bring every client’s vision to life by listening to their requests and making them a reality. We provide quality service, putting our time and effort into every single project that we take on. 

Our goal is to continuously meet our client’s needs, adding value and appeal to their home by leveling out their lawn and transforming their outdoor area into a modern, functional space.


Before beginning the project, we met with the client’s to get a better idea of what they wanted their lawn to look like. They already had a to-scale design, so we took that and estimated materials and labor hours. We altered the design a bit, to accommodate a BBQ grill per the client’s request.

Step 1

Upon starting the project, our crew surveyed the area and began ground preparation to get ready for the work ahead. .

Step 2

To begin, a gravel pad was installed and compacted, giving the lawn a level and sturdy base for the patio. In addition, another pad of sand was installed on top of the gravel base, to make sure everything was even.

Step 3

Once even, pavers and bricks were installed along with a retaining wall, to make the patio space level and raised.

Step 4

After bricks were installed properly, a paver edging and polymer sand were installed too. The poly sand would help to fill in the joints and bind together all of the layers of brick. This is essential for a strong, durable patio space.

 This deemed the project complete, giving the client’s a larger, up-to-date, and functional patio to set up a BBQ grill and entertain guests during warmer months.


Summary of Project

As a company that specializes in lawn care and landscaping, we knew we could help our clients create a welcoming and appealing outdoor patio space. Not only did we meet our client’s needs but we were able to add value to their home, by creating an aesthetic, updated, and practical patio area for their backyard.

In this case, our clients wanted to be able to utilize their outdoor space, by transforming it into a place where they can host guests and entertain. 

To start off, we consulted with the client and got a better understanding of what they wanted to be accomplished during the course of this project. When we met with the client, they had already developed a to-scale design, making it easier for us to estimate materials and labor hours. We had to alter the design a little to accommodate space for a grill, per the client’s request, but after that everything was good to go.  

Once we had a plan in place, our crew surveyed the area and began ground preparations. 

Our team began by installing and compacting a gravel pad, to help level out the client’s lawn. We also installed a pad of sand, to make sure everything was even throughout the entire lawn. 

After the lawn was leveled out, we installed pavers and bricks as well as a retaining wall, in order to make sure the entire patio space would remain level and raised properly. After this step, we were able to install paver edging and polymer sand. This would help to fill in the joints and bind the brick layers, an essential step to ensure a strong, sturdy patio space. 
After all of these steps were done successfully, we could complete the project and check with our client for feedback. We were able to meet the client’s goals, by giving them a larger outdoor space to utilize year-round.

We were able to work with the clients, look over their to-scale design, and tweak it to cater to their specific needs. This made it easier to create a plan, figure out necessary materials, and the labor that would be needed to complete the project at hand. We carried out the plan, using our skills and expertise to bring the client’s ideas to life in their backyard.

As a team, we wanted to meet all of our client’s needs and make sure the final results met their standards with satisfaction. 

At Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. we take pride in our clients and we always strive to put them first, consulting with them throughout the entire project. We always want to make sure we meet their needs and give them the results they want to see at the end of the project. We want to exceed our client’s expectations and bring their visions to life with our expertise and efficiency on the job. 

Our team at Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. has what it takes to transform your lawn and bring your landscaping dreams to life. We have the knowledge, skills, and talent to take your vision and make it a reality. Our team stands by this, promising our clients satisfaction with every project that we take on.

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