Overview/Main Challenge

Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc is a company that specializes in lawn care, landscaping, design, and installation. We have the expertise to carry out any outdoor project that our clients request. We can add value and appeal to the aesthetics of your home while working with your budget to keep the project cost-effective for you. 


In this case study, the client (Phillip S.) wanted access from his front sidewalk to his mailbox and the street. The client wanted to eliminate his sloped front lawn and install sturdy stone steps in this space. 


Our team at Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc was able to complete this project due to our expertise in landscaping, our productivity on the job, and our budget-friendly plan. We promise to bring every client's vision to life, by listening to their requests and carrying them out successfully. We provide quality service, putting our time, attention, and effort into every single project that we take on. 


Our goal is to meet the client’s needs, to add value and curb appeal to their home, by fixing the slope in their lawn and adding stone steps for easy access to the sidewalk and mailbox


Before we began the project, we consulted with the client to get a better understanding of the vision that they had in mind for their lawn. We were then able to turn this information into a finalized plan, moving one step closer towards bringing the client’s ideas to life.

Step 1

To start the process, we cut out sod and dug out the soil so that we could install gravel and lime to act as a solid base. Once the gravel was installed we leveled out the entire area in preparation for the steps to be added.

Step 2

Once level, we installed 300lb steps, cutting the backs of each step until they were smooth to ensure that they line up firmly.

Step 3

After the base step was installed, each additional step was installed moving uphill while still level on the ground, to create a flight of steps.

Step 4

Once the flight of steps was correctly installed, soil was added to each side to help keep the stairs secure inside the ground. We then installed seed and sod on top of the fresh soil to prevent any erosion. Some damage to the lawn occurred during this process, so we took the time to do some lawn restoration where we worked so it would look good as new once the project was complete.

Summary of Project

Since we are a company that specializes exclusively in lawn care and landscaping, we knew we could help our client by creating an easily accessible stairway that would allow them to safely access their mailbox. Not only did we help solve the client’s problem, but also we were able to add value and curb appeal to the client’s home. 


In this case, the client was looking to add stone steps, giving them a way to easily and safely access their mailbox. We were able to consult with the client, gather their ideas, and finalize a blueprint for the project. 


Once we had a plan organized and approved by the client, we were able to take the beginning steps to start the project. 


Our team began by cutting out sod and digging out soil, to install gravel and lime, acting as a solid base. We then leveled out the area, preparing it for the stairs. We then installed 300lb steps, making sure to cut the back of each step since they have to be smooth in order to line up and fit firmly. 


After the base of the steps had been installed each additional step was added, creating the upward look of a staircase. Due to the proper installation, everything worked successfully to create a flight of steps. 


Since that was complete, we added soil to each side of the staircase, helping to secure it inside the ground. We then installed seed and sod on top of the fresh soil we laid, helping to prevent erosion in this location. 


Once the project was in its final stages we noticed the lawn needed some repairs from where we worked, so we made sure to take care of our client’s lawn and make it look as good as new. After this we could deem the project complete, meeting our client’s goals for their landscaping.  


We were able to work with the client, be flexible with their suggestions and work to create a successful plan for the project. We carried out the plan, using our skills and expertise to bring the client’s ideas to life on their front lawn. As a team, we wanted to make sure our client’s standards were met and they were satisfied with the final results of the project. 


At Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc we take pride in our clients and always strive to put them first, making sure to consult with them as we work together throughout the project. We want to make sure their wants and needs are met, giving them the results they want to see at the end of the renovation. We want to exceed our clients’ expectations and bring their vision to life through our expertise and efficiency, every single time. 


Our team at Linnemann Lawn Care has what it takes to transform your lawn and bring your landscaping ideas to life. We have the knowledge, skills, and ability to take your vision and turn it into reality. Our team stands by this, promising our clients satisfaction with each project that we take on.

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