Overview/Main Challenge

Amanda R. was looking to level off their front yard up by the home foundation, install new landscaping and add curb appeal to their home.


Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc is a company that specializes in lawn care, landscaping design, and installations. We have the expertise for any outdoor project you may need to be done, to add curb appeal to your home with simple and manageable upkeep. 

Step 1


To begin the project, the Linnemann team met with the customer and discussed the goals of the entire project. We made sure to establish an understanding of the customers' likes and dislikes, taking note of the vision they had in mind for the finished project.

Step 2


Once our team had completed a plan for the project, we ran it by the customer and got their opinion on it, making sure we were bringing their vision to life and creating curb appeal at the same time. 


After the plan had been approved, we began preparing for the project. We gathered necessary materials and began to break ground, digging a base and leveling out the front yard. We installed an Aspen stone retaining wall block, fixing the customer’s initial problem by leveling out the front yard. 

Step 3

Then, we were able to install landscaping and retaining beds, adding in a weed barrier fabric for less maintenance after the project is complete.

Step 4


Gravel was then able to be laid down and new details were added in, including landscaping, greenery, and flowers to bring in color and add to the curb appeal of the entire yard.


Our solution to the client's problem was simple, yet effective for the goal they had in mind. They wanted their front yard leveled while maintaining curb appeal through landscaping details which our team at Linnemann’s Lawn Care could easily complete. 


We were able to find Aspen stone, to level out their yard, and begin the process of making their vision a reality. Once the area was dug out, the stone was laid down and filled back in with soil and a weed barrier fabric. Then, we were able to move on to spreading the gravel and working on the landscaping. This involved putting down 3 tons of gravel, adding plants, and placing seed/straw down to repair any patches where the digging was done. 


By working with Linnemann Lawn Care, we promise to bring curb appeal to our clients’ homes and meet their main landscaping goals. We provide our clients with low-maintenance landscaping, making it easier to keep up with their yard and maintain it through the seasons. 


We also promote our installation of a 99% weed-free landscape barrier, creating a fruitful space for your greenery and flowers to grow. 


Summary of Project

In this case study, the client (Amanda R.) had one goal, to level her front yard and create a new sense of curb appeal for her home. 


Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. was the best fit for this project, due to our expertise in landscaping, our efficiency, and our cost-effective plan. We only provide you with quality services, promising to bring your vision to life while keeping everything low maintenance and easy to care for once the project is complete.


For this project, Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc was able to level out the customer’s front lawn and create curb appeal, as requested. 


We installed a landscape retaining wall bed along the front of the customer’s house, added in multiple rows of blocks and filled the remaining space with soil, a quality weed barrier fabric, and a layer of multicolor gravel on top. This also includes a middle bed near the porch too. 


Our team was able to fix the customer's problem (the unleveled parts of the yard) while meeting their goal as well (create curb appeal). We took their inspiration into consideration and made their vision come to life, ensuring they were satisfied with our service and the end result of the entire project. 


We traveled from Waterloo, Il to St. Louis, MO in order to find Aspen Stone which was not available locally. We picked this product up and then were able to continue on with the project. 


We installed a retaining wall bed that will come out 3ft x 4ft, wrapping from the front to the side of the house. We also used Aspen stones, each 1ft x 4in, within the landscaping. We used soil to fill the holes, a high-quality weed barrier fabric, and 3 tons of multicolor gravel. 


We planted 1 Holmstrup Arborvitae, 3 Green Velvet Boxwoods, 1 Girards Rose Azalea, 8 Stella De Oro Daylilies, and 5 June Hosta into the customer’s landscaping, to add a pop of color and complete the curb appeal.


We created a simple yet beautiful landscape for this customer, focusing on leveling out their yard and adding beautiful landscaping, all to create curb appeal. This will attract attention to their lawn and raise the attractiveness of the entire property. 



At Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc we promise to bring your lawn and landscaping dreams to life. We have the expertise to take your vision and bring it to life, adding curb appeal and attractiveness to your home. 


Our services include weekly lawn care, landscape installation, customer patios and more for homes or businesses. 


If you are looking for a company to take care of your landscaping or lawn needs, then Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc are the right fit to help you. 


Call us at (618) 939-4769 for a quote today, we would be more than happy to serve you. 


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