Overview/Main Challenge

Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. is a company that specializes in lawn care, landscaping, design, and installation. We have the expertise to accomplish any outdoor project that our clients request, using their ideas and our knowledge to carry out a successful result. We can add value and curb appeal to your home while working to make sure everything is cost-effective and budget-friendly for you. 

In this case study, the client (Karen J.) had just purchased a new home with an entirely blank slate for a lawn. The client wanted to add curb appeal to their home by adding in low-maintenance landscaping, bringing life to this blank space. 

Our team at Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. was able to complete this project due to our expertise in landscaping, our efficiency on the job, and our cost-effective plan. We promise to work with every client and bring their vision to life, by listening to their requests and carrying them out successfully each time. We provide quality service, putting our time, hard work, and effort into every project we take on. 

Our goal is to meet our client’s needs, by adding curb appeal and value to their home with low-maintenance landscaping.



Before beginning the project, we consulted with the client to get a better understanding of the vision they had in mind. We were able to figure out their wants and needs, working to develop a shared vision that would be doable in a day’s work. We put together a sketch and presented it to the client, to get their permission to begin the project. We then sent the client a proposal and they agreed to it.

Step 1

To start the process, we spray painted the area where the client wanted the landscaping and Bella Border edging stones to go. This gave us a guideline to follow for the upcoming steps.

Step 2

Our team at Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. came with two crews to start the landscaping project by cutting out sod and installing stonework. This included all Bella Border stones, which were installed with a lime dust base.

Step 3

Once the stonework was properly installed, our crews added a commercial grade weed barrier fabric to the area and pinned it to the ground. This will help the client with upkeep in the future.

Step 4

After the fabric was put down, we laid out different plants, making sure they were going to be planted to the client’s liking. Once we got their okay, we installed each plant with compost into the ground. The plants we added included a Forest Panzy Red Bud tree, Coreopsis, Stella De Ora Daylily, Dwarf Korean Lilac, and Liriope. The tree was added for extra shade, while a butterfly bush was installed to hide a water spigot to keep an appealing look through the entire lawn.

After each plant was successfully in the ground, we added multi-color oversized gravel rock into surrounding areas to keep the landscaping as low maintenance as possible, per the client’s request.

Summary of Project

With our team’s extended knowledge and expertise in landscaping, we knew we could help our client by shifting their blank front lawn space into an area with low-maintenance landscaping, bringing curb appeal and value to their home. We created a landscape for plants and gravel to be placed, bringing natural beauty to the front of the client’s home. 


In this case, the client was looking to add low-maintenance landscaping to their front lawn, to bring curb appeal to their home. We were able to consult with the client, get a better idea of their goals and finalize a sketch that acted as a blueprint for the project. 


We showed our sketch to the client and got their approval, giving us the okay to break ground.  


To begin, we started by spraypainting the area where the client wanted the landscaping to go, giving our team a general idea of where to place everything. Since this was a one-day project, we brought in two crews for maximum efficiency on the job. 


With the crews on-site, we immediately began cutting out sod and installing stonework. We also installed the Bella Border, chosen by the client, ensuring stable edging with a lime dust base. 


Once we got the stone installed, we placed down a commercial-grade weed barrier fabric and pinned that to the ground. This would help the client with future upkeep, keeping things as low-maintenance as possible upon their request. 


After this step, we were ready to place plants throughout the area, making sure they were placed exactly where the client wanted them. Each plant was installed in the ground with compost, to ensure a longer life. The plants we added included a Forest Panzy Red Bud tree, Coreopsis, Stella De Ora Daylily, Dwarf Korean Lilac, and Liriope. These plants brought beauty to the lawn, adding to the curb appeal of the client’s home instantly. 


We added a layer of multi-color oversized gravel into empty spaces in the landscaping, helping everything to be low-maintenance and fulfill the client’s requests. After this, we could deem the project complete, meeting our client’s goals with our crew’s expertise in landscaping and lawn care. 


We were able to work with the client, utilize their ideas, and create a successful plan for this one-day project. We carried out the plan, using our skills to bring the client’s vision to life. As a team, we wanted to make sure our client’s standards were met, so we consulted with them when necessary to ensure that everything was up to par with their expectations. 


At Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc we take pride in our clients and we strive to put them first, making sure to meet with them and work together to reach their goals by the end of the project. As a team, we want to make sure their needs are met, giving them the results they envisioned for their lawn. 


It is always our goal at Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. to exceed our client’s expectations, bringing their vision to life through our expertise and productivity on-site. 


Our team at Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc has what it takes to transform your lawn and modify your landscaping, turning any idea into a reality. With our skills, experience, and expertise we can meet any client’s needs, bringing their lawn to life with our talent in landscaping. Our team stands by this, promising satisfaction with every project that we take on and carry out successfully.


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