Have you been wanting to give your yard a makeover? Or add some functional improvements to your property? Then hardscaping may be the answer to your needs.

Hardscaping works in conjunction with landscaping to maximize the potential of the property. They can not only make your yard much more enjoyable, but they can add functionality and design that makes it appealing to any buyer (when you are ready to sell).

Hardscaping Defined

Hardscaping is defined as all of the permanent objects that are included on the property -- driveway, paving stones, paths, patios, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, decks, firepits and the list goes on. If it can't be moved, then it probably counts as hardscaping.

While hardscapes do not come cheap, these features add a lot of value and benefits to your yard, making them one the best investments you can make on your property.

Types of Hardscaping Projects

1. Walkway

There are many ways to make paths and walkways in your yard. You can use paving stones, flagstone, stepping stones or gravel. Walkways and/or paths can make it a lot easier to navigate or divide parts of your yard from one another. They also help with drainage and defining the borders of your yard. No more walking through the mud or water to get from one place to another when you have walkways and/or paths installed in your yard.

2. Patio

A patio is the perfect addition to any backyard. These outdoor living spaces are typically made out of paving stones, or tiles and are much easier to maintain and keep more tidy than other surfaces. Patios are always a great option if you want an area to entertain guests or spend more time with the family outside, as it offers a level of comfort and luxury.

3. Retaining Wall

If you're struggling with drainage issues or having trouble with some plants growing in your yard, then you may be in need of a retaining wall. A retaining wall can be made of stone, dirt, or wood products. Quality retaining walls make every space and every path in your yard easier to use and more clearly defined. Simply put, they create level spaces and retain soil. They also add dimension and help to keep pathways and walkways clear of debris.

4. Driveway

Driveways are one of the most essential parts of the property that's used by everyone and offers the most curb appeal. While this may not seem like an item of importance, installing a nice driveway is always a worthy investment. Whether its made of gravel or paver stone, a driveway offers you the ability to park or drive into your garage without driving through (or parking in) the mud.

5. Firepit (or Fireplace)

A firepit and/or fireplace can add ambiance to any outdoor space while also providing a safe and contained area to light an outdoor fire. They're also a great way to savor spending time outside and create a space for late-night gatherings. Plus, you’ll reap the benefits of increased property value by adding a heating element to your outdoor living space.

Improving Outdoor Navigation

Hardscaping isn’t just for looks, it serves an extremely important purpose – to help you navigate your property safely and securely. Walkways, paths, properly constructed driveways and outdoor lighting can help you navigate your whole property with ease. A retaining wall can support a structure so that your land doesn’t erode due to water damage or overuse.

All hardscaping projects serve a functional purpose and increase your property value immensely.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Without adequate lighting, even the best laid-out yard can be tough to enjoy safely at night. Quality outdoor lighting such as wall sconces, lights on top of pillars, or lights along pathways can eliminate this issue. By adding a light feature, you also increase the safety of your property in a few ways which can reduce your home owners insurance rates.

  1. Reduce the risk of injuries or falls at night.
  2. Deter burglars from wanting to break into your home.
  3. Stop nocturnal animals from getting too close to your home.

Outdoor lighting is a great way to make every part of your yard more useful and functional at any hour of the day.


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