Aeration and overseeding lawns in Columbia, Waterloo, and nearby areas can produce a healthier and better-looking lawn.

Aeration and overseeding is one of the most valuable services you can do for your lawn. When done properly and at the right time of year, these processes can help repair a damaged lawn and bring it back to the prime of life. These two services combined can make your lawn healthier, more resilient, and look better than ever.

Read on to see how aeration and overseeding can fix your lawn in Waterloo, Columbia, Millstadt, and surrounding areas of Illinois.

What is aeration and overseeding?

You’ve probably seen lawns or sports fields covered in little plugs of dirt before, and that is the result of core aeration. Aeration is the process of loosening soil and thatch (the decomposing layer at the base of the grass) to allow water, air, and nutrients better access to the roots of your grass.

Overseeding is often completed immediately after aeration and is the process of spreading grass seed on top of already grassy areas to create a thicker grass cover.

Let’s get into some common lawn problems and how aeration and overseeding can fix some of these issues.

Bare spots

Bare spots on a home lawn near Columbia, IL.

Lawns are meant to be walked on and played on, but as a result, bare or thin spots can start to form. These signs of wear can get worse without treatment, but overseeding in the fall will put more grass seed in thin spots and those bare spots will fill in by the next spring.

Brown, Dead or Damaged Lawn

Dead, brown lawn grass at a Waterloo, IL property.

Grass requires three things to thrive:

  • Nutrients
  • Air
  • Water

As grass continues to grow, old grass starts to decompose at the base of the lawn and gradually become thicker over time. This layer is known as thatch and can eventually prevent adequate amounts of nutrients and water from getting to the root system. This starts to cause your grass to wither and, quite frankly, look a little pitiful.

The aeration process loosens this thatch layer, making it much easier for the roots to get fertilizer, water, and air in order to thrive. The overseeding process, in addition to making the grass thicker, will also give your lawn a more consistent color.

In short, aeration and overseeding will produce a healthier, better-looking lawn.

Disease and Pests

Pythium blight lawn disease in a Millstadt, IL yard.

Because these processes work to create a thicker lawn cover, it cuts down on opportunities for weeds to grow, not to mention the pests that can destroy a lawn.

Additionally, a thicker, healthier root system is better equipped to cope with periods of drought, particularly if these services are done in the fall. The grass will have ample time to establish itself before the heat of summer.

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