Overview/Main Challenge

Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc is a company that specializes in lawn care, landscaping, design, and installation. We have the expertise to fulfill any outdoor project that our clients request. We can add curb appeal and resale value to your home while working with you to keep everything budget-friendly. 


In this case study, the client (Dale S.) wanted to update the landscape beds in his front lawn that were old and overgrown. The client wanted to get the beds cleaned up and bring life back into this once fruitful space. 


Our team at Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc was able to complete this project due to our knowledge of landscaping, our efficiency on the job, and our cost-effective plan curated to meet each client’s needs. We promise to bring our client’s visions to life, by creating a plan for their requests and carrying it out successfully. 


We provide quality service, putting our time, attention, and energy into every project that we take on. Our clients are our top priority, taking care of their needs with satisfaction guaranteed every time. 


Our goal is to bring the visions of our clients to life adding resale value and curb appeal to their home by updating their current landscaping.



Before beginning the project, we consulted with the client to get a better idea of the renovations they had in mind for their landscaping. We were able to use this information to create a finalized plan, taking us one step closer to creating the lawn of their dreams.

Step 1

To begin this project, we had to clean up the landscape beds by tearing out old plants, gravel, and edging. This gave us the blank canvas we needed to get started on the project.

Step 2

After the beds were cleaned up, we re-stacked the edging with a strong, solid base while replacing any broken pieces along the way. This made the bed look brand new again.

Step 3

Once everything was removed, we were left with a clean bed to begin the landscaping. We installed a new layer of weed barrier fabric, proceeding to add large multi-color rocks on top.

Step 4

Once the rock was laid, we added all new plants to this space. We did leave the tree to the left of the home in place since it was still growing and in good condition. Once the landscaping was complete, we installed Volt brand landscape lighting. We set the timer from dusk to dawn so they can come on automatically. This will help highlight the beds at night, bringing an ambiance to the home in the evening. These lights can also add a sense of security, lighting up the front of the client’s home at night.

Summary of Project

Due to the extensive knowledge and expertise of our team at Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc, we knew we could help our client update their landscape and bring beauty back to their front lawn. We were able to fix the beds, bring in entirely new landscaping, and add plants for the finishing touch. We were able to add curb appeal and resale value to the client’s home, by adding aesthetically pleasing landscaping to their front lawn. 

In this case, the client was looking to clean up and renovate the landscaping bed on his front lawn. We were able to consult with the client, gather ideas, and come up with a successful plan of action to get their landscaping beds in order. 

Once we had everything planned out, we got approval from the client and took the beginning steps towards starting the project. 

Our team began by cleaning up the old landscaping beds. We removed old plants, weeds, gravel, and edging. With this removed, we could focus on the main goal, to bring life to these beds again. 

After everything was cleared out, it was time to make sure the edging looked brand new with no broken pieces. We re-stacked the edging with a strong, solid base to ensure its durability. We removed broken pieces of edging during this process, replacing what was necessary.

Once this was complete, we were able to get started on bringing the beds back to life. We installed a new layer of weed barrier fabric first, followed by a layer of large multi-color rocks on top, per the client’s request. 

After the rock had been placed down, we were able to add new plants to the landscaping beds. Bringing in life and color to the client’s lawn. Since the tree to the left of their home was still healthy, we decided to leave it for some added greenery.

With this, the landscaping job was almost complete and it was time to install brand new Volt landscape lighting. We set the timer for nighttime hours, giving light to the client’s lawn when necessary. This will help highlight the beds in the evening time, bringing an ambiance to the client’s lawn. This also adds a level of security to their home, with automatic lights on through the evening hours. 

By renovating the landscape beds in our client’s lawn, with all new plants and lights, we were able to successfully add curb appeal and resale value to their home. We made sure that we met all of our client’s goals, bringing their vision to life. Once the client is satisfied with the final results, we were able to deem this project complete. 

We are always flexible when working with our clients, making sure to meet each of their needs. We take their suggestions and wishes into consideration, working to develop a plan to carry out their ideas. With our skills and expertise in landscaping, we were able to bring the client’s ideas to life, updating the beds on their front lawn. As a team, it is our priority to make sure we meet our client’s standards, to ensure they are satisfied with the outcome of the project. 

At Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc, we take pride in serving our clients, striving to put them first, making sure they are our top priority. We consult with them and work together throughout the project, making sure we are meeting their needs along the way. Our goal is to give them the results they want to see, something that will make them satisfied and happy. This is our priority. To exceed our client’s expectations while bringing their vision to life with our efficiency and expertise. 

Our team at Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc has what it takes to transform your lawn and bring your landscaping ideas to life. We have the knowledge and skills to take your vision and make it a reality. Our team stands by this, promising our client’s satisfaction with each project that we take on.

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