Overview/Main Challenge

Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc is a company that specializes in lawn care, landscaping design, and installation. We have the expertise to take on any outdoor project that you may need to be done, to add value and appeal to your home while remaining cost-effective for your budget. 

In this case study, the clients (Nate and Heather F.) were looking to create an area in their backyard that can be turned into a space for relaxing and entertaining guests. 

We were able to complete this project due to our expertise in landscaping, our efficiency, and our budget-friendly plan. At Linnemann Lawn Care we strive to bring every client’s vision to life, working with their ideas to turn them into reality. We provide quality service, putting our time and effort into every project that we complete.

Our goal is to add value to the client’s home and create a relaxing outdoor living space, giving our clients a place to hang out at home, entertain guests and enjoy their backyard year-round.


Once we consulted with the client and finalized plans for the project, we were able to begin the first steps towards turning the client’s yard into a beautiful space for a backyard barbeque or s'mores by the fire.

Step 1


To start, we laid out the area with white marking paint to help determine the size the client would want for the space. This gave us a blueprint of where to begin the project, ensuring it met the client's wishes for their yard. 

Step 2

Once the space was determined, we excavated the area and added compacted gravel. We then added 1” of sand to even out the area and make sure it was level. This is crucial when completing a landscaping project for a client.

Step 3

We installed the paver patios in pattern #3 from Romanstone (the design picked out by the client). We got the stone we needed and used it to create a patio for the client.

Step 4

After installing the stones, we made sure they were compacted down and all of the leftover gaps were filled with polymeric sand. This will ensure there are no spaces or crevices peeking out in between the Romanstone. We also installed a 4” diameter Madera fire pit per the client's request. This will give them the perfect space to relax on a cooler evening and keep warm. We made sure the area was graded after the patio was installed, that all areas were seeded and straw was laid to prevent erosion and that there was cleanup done at the job site once the project was complete.

Summary of Project

As a company that specializes in lawn care and landscaping, we knew we could find a solution to help our clients create the backyard of their dreams. We wanted to help add value to the client’s home, giving them a space where they can relax and entertain guests in their backyard. 

In this case, the client's goal was to take a space in their backyard and turn it into a place to hang out and entertain. We were able to analyze what they wanted done and begin a blueprint for the project, consulting the clients as we finalized ideas for the yard. 

Once everything was planned out and ready to go, we were able to take the next steps to begin the project. 

We laid out marking paint to determine the space the client wanted, then we excavated the area and added in compacted gravel with a 1” layer of sand to even everything out. We then installed paver patios in pattern #3 from Romanstone, per the client's request. 

Once the stones were compacted down, we filled any gaps or spaces with polymeric sand to add a seal. We also installed a 4” diameter Madera fire pit, perfect for the client to entertain and keep warm in the cooler weather. 

Once the project was complete, we graded the patio space, made sure all areas were seeded and straw matting was installed to prevent erosion. 

We were able to follow the client’s requests and work with their ideas, using our expertise to finalize a plan for the project. We carried out our plan, working with the client by adding specific details that they wanted to include in the plans for their yard. We were open to their ideas and incorporated what they wanted, making our best effort to see that everything was done and completed to meet our client’s standards. 

At Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc., we pride ourselves on putting the client first, consulting with them, and working with them each step of the way, to ensure their needs and wants are met regarding the project at hand. We want to exceed our client’s expectations, bringing their vision to life through our expertise and professionalism, every single time. 

We have what it takes to transform your lawn and bring your landscaping goals to life. We have the skill, talent, and ability to take on your ideas and make them a reality. Linnemann Lawn Care stands by this, promising customer satisfaction for all of our clients. 

At Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc., we promise to bring your lawn and landscaping dreams to life. We have the ability to take your vision and turn it into reality, adding value and appeal to your home. 


Our services include weekly lawn care, landscape installation, custom patios, and more for homes and businesses alike. 


If you are looking for a reliable company to take care of your landscaping or lawn needs, then Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc may be the right fit for you. 


Call us at (618) 939-4769 for a quote today, we would be more than happy to serve you and take care of your lawn or landscaping needs.

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