At Linnemann Lawn Care & Landscaping, our passion is helping customers enjoy their outdoor space. That's why we love getting to renovate and improve people's yards. When this client in Waterloo, IL, reached out to us asking for a new front patio and a walkway to their gazebo, we were glad to assist.

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Removing Overgrown Weeds & Plants in the Yard

The overgrowth on the existing walkway needed to be removed in Waterloo, IL.

The first step in the process was to remove overgrown plants and weeds that had taken over the existing sidewalk to the gazebo and the gravel pathway to the front door. We excavated the plants carefully, as there were some Densiformis Yews along the concrete walkway that the homeowner wanted to keep. Excavation is a delicate process, and it's important that a professional complete this process so the plant isn't damaged or shocked by the removal. 

Taking Out Existing Concrete & Leveling the Installation Area

After the plants were removed, we then began taking out the existing concrete in order to prepare for installing the new walkway. We also leveled the area for the new patio and walkway so the pavers would sit level with each other. For the patio area, this required moving away some stones that had been resting there, as they were sitting on top of part of the installation section. 

Why a Custom Walkway & Patio Will Benefit this Homeowner

Before our team arrived on-site, it was difficult for the homeowner to walk around their property. With an overgrown pathway to the gazebo and pieces of broken concrete sitting around, there were several tripping hazards. Adding a custom walkway increases accessibility to the gazebo, as well as reducing the risk of injury on the pathway, providing immense benefits and extra safety to the homeowner. It also complements the gazebo well, as the stones we chose, Roman Tumbled Driftwood, mirror many of the same colors in the gazebo. 

When they used to step out of their front door, the concrete slab had a couple of inches of drop off before the gravel pathway. This can also pose a hazard to them as well as guests who may be coming to their home. The new patio is level with that concrete slab and the driveway, making their front door much easier to access.

Our paver contractors used the same stone for the patio and the walkway, which helps to create a cohesive feel throughout their property. The stones were laid out in Roman pattern B with 50% large square stones and 50% large rectangle stones for a visually appealing area.

Patios and walkways can also increase the value of your home, depending on the location and quality of the work.

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