We were recently contracted to install new retaining walls for a property in Columbia, IL. This property had previously gotten retaining walls but opted to use timber for the retaining wall material. We consulted with them on new retaining walls and constructed new ones for them using durable, strong stone materials that will last for a very long time.

Read to learn more about this retaining wall installation project and why stone is a superior choice for retaining wall materials.

We found that the existing timber wall had begun to rot.

Rotten timbers on an old retaining wall in Columbia, IL.

Timber retaining walls will typically last about a decade if they are properly maintained. Without that maintenance, they may only last about three to five years. The existing wall at this property had begun to rot, meaning the soil behind it was at risk for eroding away. The homeowner wanted a new wall that was going to last longer and be more dependable.

The homeowner chose a stone retaining wall that would last much longer.

Custom stone retaining wall construction in Columbia, IL.

Unlike timber, the stone will not break down. In fact, stone materials can last forever if they are properly maintained and cleaned. This makes stone a sound investment, even if it does have a higher upfront cost than timber. It also means you won't have to replace it every so often. We also added some columns to their new retaining wall, which meant our contractors needed to do some custom stonework for the columns.

Reasons why it's best to choose stone over timber for retaining walls.

Stone retaining wall surrounding a home yard in Columbia, IL.

Modern stone walls come in many different colors, which means you get to choose a color that complements your home and landscaping. We can also make stone walls into a curve, whereas timber is more linear. Again, timber will only last about a decade under ideal conditions while stone will typically last a lifetime, which protects the soil on your property and stops it from eroding. Timber may be the cheaper option, but overall, stone is the best option for a long-lasting retaining wall.

We also seeded areas of the lawn for new grass growth.

Retaining wall and mulch installation around a tree in Columbia, IL.

Once we were finished installing the new stone retaining walls, our team put down some grass seed. This allows the yard to recover and encourages new growth in previously barren areas so that the entire yard will look uniform and be as healthy as possible. Previously, the yard had been neglected and had not received routine lawn care, so the grass was patchy in places and needed some reinforcements from our professional lawn care crew.

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