Overview/Main Challenge

Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. is a company that specializes in lawn care, landscaping, design, and installation. Our team has the expertise to carry out any outdoor project that our clients request. We can add value and appeal to your yard while working with your budget to keep the project cost-effective for you. 

In this case study, the client Doug V., wanted to replace their old existing retaining wall that was falling apart and being taken over by weeds. This retaining wall was made out of blocks, which had deteriorated over the years, and had also started to be overrun with weeds.  For this client, it was time for a fresh look using larger, heavier blocks that would last them another 20+ years.  

Our team at Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. was able to complete this project successfully due to our expertise in landscaping, our productivity, our budget-friendly options, and our willingness to work with our client each step of the way. We promise to bring every client’s vision to life by listening to their requests and making them a reality. We provide quality service, putting our time and effort into every single project that we take on. 

Our goal is to continuously meet our client’s needs, adding value and appeal to their home by leveling out their lawn and transforming their outdoor area into a modern, functional space.


Before beginning the project, we met with the client to get a better idea of what they wanted their retaining wall to look like. Since they already had a retaining wall, we simply quoted them what it would cost to replace the old block wall and recreate it with a modern look.  We altered the design just a bit per the client’s request.

Step 1

Remove the old blocks and haul them away.

Step 2

Excavated the area and installed a new base row.

Step 3

Stacked the new blocks and backfilled with new soil.

Step 4

 Capped the retaining wall with cap stone and installed new plants.


Summary of Project

As a company that specializes in lawn care and landscaping, we knew we could replace our clients retaining wall and create a more modern look that would last them years.  Not only did we meet our client’s needs, but we also added value to their home, by updating their outside curb appeal.

In this case, our clients wanted to replace a retaining wall that was not only failing them, but was falling apart and being overgrown with weeds.

To start off, we consulted with the client and got a better understanding of what they wanted to accomplish during the course of this project. While meeting with the client, we accessed the current retaining wall and discussed any changes they wanted made to the current design.  Taking all into account, we prepared an estimate for materials and labor hours.

Once the estimate was accepted and we had a plan in place, our crew began removing the old blocks and excavating the area. 

When that was complete, a new base area was laid out and the stacking of the new anchor block (Hampton Stone Cut style) began.  We also backfilled it with new soil

After all the rock was in place, the final step was to cap the retaining wall with cap stone and install new plants.  This finished off the area by giving it that curb appeal that any homeowner would enjoy.

As with any job, once it was all complete, we met with the client to ensure satisfaction and receive feedback.  

At Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. we take pride in our clients and we always strive to put them first, consulting with them throughout the entire project. We always want to make sure we meet their needs and give them the results they want to see at the end of the project. It is our goal to exceed our client’s expectations and bring their visions to life with our expertise and efficiency on the job. 

During this job, we also provided the client with brand new front steps.  Because of our skill and efficiency, we were able to complete this job along with the retaining wall all in the same week.

Our team at Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. has the knowledge, skills and talent it takes to transform your lawn and bring your landscaping visions to life. We stand by our promise of client satisfaction with every project that we take on!

A Final Word from the Client

We had a 30+ year old landscaping wall replaced by Linnemann. The guys did an outstanding job. Ryan knows his stuff; I was happy he was on our job. Jessica was great to work with from the beginning with the planning and estimate. They started the job a few weeks earlier than originally indicated. We even added an extra job to replace our front steps on a whim while they were on the wall job, and they completed that the same week. We love the new look and I will definitely use them again for ANY landscaping needs. I highly recommend them.  - Doug V.

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