The Wonderful World of Brick Patios

Few design ideas complement a well-tended lawn and home-like gorgeous brick patios. These elements are aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional, transforming any outdoor space. Brick pavers are a simple way to breathe new life into your property, but should you go for concrete or brick patios?

The hardscaping experts at Linnemann Lawncare & Landscaping throw in their vote for brick patios. We have worked on countless patio DIY installations for our clients with myriad materials over the years, but brick pavers are our favorite choice. Our landscaping professionals much prefer brick patios over concrete versions, and we think you'll agree when you see our reasons below.

Add Color with Stunning Pavers Fairview Heights, IL

Backyard patio designs need to take the visual appeal as a priority. A patio should complement your outdoor living space as much as possible, with all the rich colors of nature and a neat presentation. That is a tall order for concrete, but not brick pavers.

Most of us think of bricks as standard red, but it is the composition and length of the firing process that determines the final brick color. While we may imagine the classic red brick, there is a world of possibility in cream, pink and brown. There is also an unlimited selection of other colors possible without paint or dyes. 

Natural brick color is much better than painted or dyed concrete because the color won't fade as much with time. If you compare a brick paver patio with a painted one, the damage and weathering are quickly evident on the concrete with paint.

When it comes to visual appeal, a brick color of any type stands out. Even the look of a standard red brick draws a powerful contrast to the surrounding earthy colors of your outdoor living space.

Design Ideas for a Big or Small Patio

When we encounter brick structures, we tend to see them mostly in one design: a running bond. When you picture a brick wall, you see the running bond pattern of simple rows. It is a pleasing look, especially in brick flooring or walls, but it is far from the only choice when it comes to brick patios.

The beauty of bricks is the versatility, and there are limitless ways to assemble brick patio ideas by arranging these building blocks in different patterns. Besides side-by-side and stacked rows, you can create geometric or woven designs and so much more.

Another unique aspect of the brick design is the joints (the space between bricks filled with mortar or another filler). It is usually visible as thin, light lines. By arranging your bricks in a pattern, you create a secondary, eye-catching joint with color and shape variation.

Customizing concrete is a much more challenging task. You can stamp concrete while it's still wet, but for anything more elaborate, you need to work quickly before it dries. With brick, you can rearrange and experiment with the layouts as carefully as you like before you need to set the stones. 

Durable Brick Patios in Fairview Heights, IL

Your backyard patio is an outdoor space exposed to the elements. Regular wear and tear through normal use will also take its toll, and it is best to pick a material that will remain intact and beautiful through as little maintenance as possible.

Both concrete and brick pavers offer similar durability against extreme weather and impact. However, should you ever need to make repairs to your backyard patio, a brick surface has an obvious advantage. It is far easier to replace one or two bricks and keep a uniform look than it is to refill a concrete slab and maintain a pattern or color.

Most brick patio DIY designs are not impacted by chips, and with brick flooring or outdoor patio kitchen areas, it's expected. Given the rough texture of bricks, homeowners may even welcome the textural changes over time.

While both materials crack, chip, and break, removing and replacing bricks is simple. Adding new concrete to an established patio is likely to be obvious. Old concrete is also weak, and stamped concrete is tough to replace unless you have extra molds on hand from the original construction.

Create an Atmosphere with Hardscaping Fairview Heights, IL

Something about brick familiarity provides a welcome feeling, even in the typical red brick fashion. Whether you use your patio as a fire pit, outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen, or dining area, a brick area feels warm and comfortable.

A brick paver patio has a classic look that promotes outdoor living inspiration. Even if it isn't a full outdoor room, many homeowners find that brick construction compliments their home. It also becomes a place to relax and spend time in the fresh air.

A Little Maintenance for Great Reward

Concrete and brick both require minimal care. They will both need regular sweeping and washing, as well as sealing every few years. Weeds might grow through untreated cracks, so diligent repair and spraying go a long way, too.

The most significant problem that people worry about with brick or concrete is warping. When the ground beneath your outdoor room shifts, perhaps due to freezing or flooding, it upsets the patio surface. Both materials react similarly, but brick remains the easier of the two to replace and maintain.

Concrete is particularly troublesome when it cracks through and shifts to ruin your outdoor kitchen, living room, dining area, or fire pit. Add the stress of repairing the concrete, and you might wish you’d started with those designs for brick patios. 

Brick patio ideas do not have to consider the shifting factor in the same way. Groundswells may break some bricks loose (or break the bricks) but replacing and resetting these pieces isn't difficult when compared side by side with concrete.


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