Top Materials for Hardscaping That we Use For Our Illinois Clients

Hardscaping offers up the chance to add practical and decorative structures to your landscaping project. Hardscaping items may not be living or organic elements of your yard design project, but they are just as important to the overall comfort and usefulness of your landscaped yard.

If you have been wanting to add hardscaping to your yard or office, you may have realized that there are many options out there and that you will need to select from a variety of materials and construction options. Read on to learn about the top materials that we use for our Illinois clients when they want to add hardscaping to their landscaping project.

Top Materials for Hardscaping That we Use For Our Illinois Clients

The outdoor areas of your home or your business add entertainment value, as well as beauty to your yard or your workspace. You need to use the right, top-quality materials to add these finishing touches, or you will not be happy with your outdoor space over the long haul.

High-Quality Stone Fire Pits and Walkways Are Great Hardscaping Options Here in Illinois

We will never build you a fire pit out of low-quality stone. You cannot enjoy your outdoor fire pit or fireplace if it will not hold up to use. We also know that cool nights and snowy winters can affect the stone that we use to build these hardscaping features, so we make certain that all of the products that we select when building them will stand the test of time for use as well as weather.

We can match existing hardscaping and landscaping elements in your yard, but we will always make sure that the construction of these firepits or fireplaces is done with durability and beauty in mind. We offer top-quality concrete blocks and pavers, and flagstone that will also hold up to long-term outdoor use.

If you are adding a walkway or stone steps to your hardscaping plans, we will make sure to offer you lots of great choices from our catalog of quality brick pavers. These stones come in many colors, shapes, and sizes, which makes it possible to match nearly any existing structures or walkways in your yard.

Hardscaping Retaining Walls Made of Quality Durable Stone Prevent Illinois Erosion

If you need to prevent erosion in your yard, we can help! Our quality stone products will build a beautiful wall that will take care of your needs with style.  We only use durable Windsor or Hampton stones in our retaining wall construction, which guarantees a beautiful wall that will stand the test of time.

These stones are 4-6 inches in size, depending on the needs of your project, and there is no better quality stone on the market for use in this kind of job. We will also make sure that the drainage in your yard has been adjusted correctly to prevent erosion or other damage that might undermine your retaining wall.

We promise to use quality materials for your drainage needs as well, ensuring that the entire project will take care of the required erosion prevention for years to come!

Quality Outdoor Lighting Installations Are a Must to Showcase Your Hardscape to Your Illinois Friends

Using the right kind of lights when installing an outdoor lighting system can make all the difference to the lifespan of the installation. We use high-quality LED lighting that allows you to add better visibility to your yard or your office building without added costs to you.

LED lights are much more energy-efficient than other lights, and you can add light to any size space without a huge increase in your monthly bills. LED lights also have a much longer lifespan than regular lighting, making our lighting systems low maintenance for years at a time.

If you have been avoiding adding necessary lighting to your hardscaping plans due to the cost, you can rest easy when you choose to have us work on your outdoor lighting installation needs. Our systems are reasonably priced, high-quality, and will last much longer than the halogen equivalents on the market. Being able to count on your lighting system for safety, security, and curb appeal is important, and only a quality LED lighting system can give you the assurance of years of life.

Durable Holiday Lighting That Holds Up to Years of Service in Illinois's Climate

Last, but certainly not least, we can help you out with your holiday lighting needs! Our team can install and decorate for you, using the same quality LED lighting products that we use for our lighting installations.

The lights that are used for your holiday lighting needs belong to you once we are done installing them, and they are top-quality so they can be stored at our facility for use, again and again, each year. These LED light strings and wreaths hold up to weather and other challenges and look beautiful every holiday season.

Having a professional crew install your holiday lights prevents possible safety risks and potential for injuries when climbing on the roof or up into trees. You are paying for our expertise, as well as the quality of our products. Both of these items are well worth the investment and you will be glad that you do not have to install or purchase the lights for your property each holiday season!

We Take Pride in our Top-Quality Products Right Here in Illinois

We take pride in each project that we work on for our customers and we use the best quality products that we can offer to you to make sure that your hardscaping additions hold up for years. Each job is a chance for us to make your home or office more beautiful and functional, and we love rising to the challenge!

Contact us today at (618) 939-4769 to get an estimate for any of the hardscaping services that we have on offer. You will be thrilled with the completed project, whether you have chosen to install a fire pit, a new walkway, a retaining wall, or have hired us to install and maintain your holiday decorations. Let us take care of your hardscaping needs today!