While it may be hard to think about it in the middle of wintry weather, your lawn care for 2020 is incredibly important. Neglecting even one step in a lawn care routine can spell disaster for that healthy grass you've worked hard to cultivate over the years. Throughout 2020, it's crucial to follow our seven-step program that was designed specifically for local lawns.

Learn why your lawn in Columbia, Millstadt, Waterloo, and nearby areas needs to adhere to a routine fertilization program in 2020—and how you can save money on our program by prepaying for the whole year.

Starting in spring, we supply your grass with much-needed nutrients and crabgrass control.

As soon as that spring weather hits, our team comes to your residential or commercial property with a fertilizer treatment and preventative crabgrass control. The nutrients in this fertilizer treatment supply a strong foundation as the growing season begins. To control crabgrass in your yard, preventative treatment is needed to help ensure this pesky weed doesn't take over in later months of the year.

A second treatment for crabgrass, broadleaf weed control, and another fertilizer application helps to green up your lawn.

After the initial crabgrass control treatment, we apply another to keep crabgrass where it belongs: out of your yard. Along with this, we also put down broadleaf weed control to eliminate problem weeds like clover, dandelions, and more so that your grass has a uniform appearance. We also apply more fertilizer at this time.

Steps three and four are applied together to include insect control, a fertilizer treatment, and weed spot spraying.

A regularly fertilized lawn in Waterloo, IL.

In early summer, we apply steps three and four of the program. Our insect control helps to get rid of problematic pests that have the potential to destroy your lawn and/or landscape plants, such as aphids, grubs, stink bugs, and more. Keeping these pests away helps to protect the investment you've made in your lawn and landscape beds. Along with insect control, we apply another fertilization treatment and also spot spray for any weed growth.

A late summer fertilization treatment gives more nutrients to the grass and soil.

Toward the end of the growing season, it's vital to give more nutrients to your soil and grass with another fertilization treatment. By the time late summer rolls around, your lawn has seen heavy use and lots of foot traffic with kids and pets running through the grass and playing outside. These nutrients help to keep your grass strong and fortified. At this visit, we'll also spot spray for broadleaf weeds.

If more weed control treatments are needed, we can provide those as extra steps throughout the year at an additional cost.

Fall fertilization ensures your lawn has enough nutrients for the cooler months.

To keep your lawn fed, we also apply a fall fertilization treatment. Grass needs nutrients and strength so it can be ready to face off against winter weather and cold winds. We also do another spot spray treatment for weeds so these invasive plants aren't trying to take away nutrients from your grass as it prepares for winter.

With a winterization treatment, your grass is prepared for spring.

The last treatment of the year is a winterizing fertilizer that gives your grass one last blast of key nutrients before winter and gets it prepared for the upcoming spring, and we will again spray for any weeds that we see during this last visit. 

Ready to sign up for your 2020 lawn care program? Call our team today!

If you're ready to sign up for our 2020 lawn care program, then now is the perfect time to do so. New clients who prepay by February 14, 2020 can get back 5 percent of their fee in the form of a gift certificate! For our existing clients, renewals will be going out soon and if you for some reason want to cancel your services, you must do so by February 14, 2020. If you have questions or are ready to schedule your lawn care for the year, contact our team today at (618) 939-4769.