Winter in Columbia, Illinois, brings its own set of challenges and opportunities for landscaping. Here are some specific tips tailored for maintaining and enhancing your landscape during the winter months in Columbia:


Protecting Plants and Trees
  • Prune Wisely: Trim tree branches that may pose a risk of breaking under the weight of snow or ice. This proactive measure can prevent damage to property or injury to individuals.
  • Mulching: Apply a layer of mulch around the base of trees and plants to insulate roots and protect them from freezing temperatures.
  • Cover Delicate Plants: Use burlap or protective covers for delicate shrubs and plants susceptible to cold weather damage. This shields them from harsh winds and frost.
  • Support Young Trees: Young trees might need additional support to endure heavy snowfall. Use stakes or braces to protect them from bending or breaking.
Winter Lawn Care
  • Mowing and Leaf Removal: Keep up with lawn maintenance by mowing your grass one final time before winter sets in. Remove fallen leaves to prevent mold or suffocation of grass beneath.
  • Aerate the Lawn: Before the ground freezes, consider aerating your lawn to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil, promoting healthier grass growth in the spring.
  • Fertilization: Consider a late-fall or early-winter fertilization to nourish your lawn and help it withstand the winter stress.
  • Avoid Walking on Frozen Grass: Stepping on frozen grass can cause damage. Minimize foot traffic on your lawn during freezing temperatures to maintain its health.
Snow and Ice Management
  • Snow Removal Strategy: Have a clear plan for snow removal from driveways, walkways, and paths. Use safe ice melt products that are pet-friendly and won’t damage your landscape.
  • Safe Removal Practices: When removing snow or ice from driveways, walkways, or any paved areas, prioritize safety. Use appropriate tools such as shovels, snow blowers, or ice melt products to prevent slips and falls.
  • Avoid Piling Snow on Plants: When shoveling snow, avoid piling it onto plants or shrubs to prevent damage from heavy snow build-up.
  • Protect Your Plants: Be cautious when using ice melt products near plants or grass. Some chemicals can harm vegetation, so opt for pet-safe or eco-friendly options when possible.
Protecting Outdoor Fixtures
  • Winterize Irrigation Systems: Ensure irrigation systems are properly winterized to prevent freezing and potential damage to pipes.
  • Secure Outdoor Furniture: Store or secure outdoor furniture, decorations, and other items susceptible to damage from harsh winter weather or strong winds.
Safety Around Landscaping Features
  • Well-Lit Pathways: Ensure outdoor pathways are well-lit to prevent accidents during the shorter daylight hours of winter. Consider installing additional lighting fixtures or using solar-powered lights along pathways.
  • Inspect Outdoor Lighting: Regularly check outdoor lighting fixtures for any damage or malfunction, and replace bulbs or repair fixtures as needed to maintain visibility and safety.
Consult With Local Experts
  • Engage Lawn Care Experts: Consider consulting with lawn care and landscaping professionals like Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping for specialized advice on winter maintenance and to address any specific concerns about your property. Lawn and landscape experts like us, can offer tailored recommendations for winter landscaping specific to the region.
  • Scheduled Inspections: Regularly schedule inspections of your lawn and landscape with experts to identify potential issues early on and take necessary preventive measures.


By following these winter landscaping tips specific to Columbia, Illinois, you can maintain a healthy landscape and prepare for a vibrant spring while respecting the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the winter season in your area.

When in doubt on what to do, reach out to the experts! Linnemann Lawn Care and Landscaping is here to serve you in the Columbia, IL area. Give us a call and let us help you navigate the winter months with ease!